Stringer Fine Arts Reservation Form

How to Schedule in the SFAC:

1. Call the Fine Arts Department Secretary, Susan Evans, at 620-665-3503, for an initial contact to check your event dates against the current SFAC events calendar to receive tentative scheduling.

2. Submit this form no later than two weeks after your initial contact. Requested dates must be released after that time if no form is received.

3. Request forms submitted without an initial contact will receive all consideration and a quick response. However, your proposed dates may not be available. Please call prior to submitting the form to insure your event can be scheduled as you plan and prefer.

3. PLEASE NOTE: This is an request for room and space reservations. It is not a guarantee of your request. Reservations are not final until you have received a written contract for your event (including all campus events requested). This is written policy for the SFAC.

4. Refer to the Handbook of Policies & Procedures for any fees you may incur in your use of the Center and for liability and policy questions.

PLEASE NOTE: HCC has an exclusive contract for all food with Great Western Dining Services. You are responsible for contacting them yourself at 665-3406.

Event Name:
Type of Meeting:
Est. Audience Size:
Sponsoring Organization:
Dept. / Office:
Contact Name:

Contact Phone Number:
(Ex. (620) 123-5678)

Contact Address:

Contact E-mail Address:
Non-profit number
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Fax Number

Reservable Rooms' Names, Capacities, and Details: Check all that you request be reserved

Recital Hall:420 Theatre/Auditorium seating only
Foyer:150 Standing only, no furniture allowed by fire code
FA 102 (Classroom):25 Not Multi-media equipped, drafting tables, stools
FA106 (Classroom):42 Multi-media equipped, student desks
FA120 (Classroom): 68 Multi-media equipped, tables & chairs
FA122 (Classroom): 40 Multi-media equipped, student desks
FA123 (Classroom): 40 Not Multimedia equipped, student desks
FA134 (Conference Room):20 Not multi-media equipped, conference table, chairs
FA143 (Band Rehearsal Hall): 150Not Multi-media equipped, musician posture chairs, music equipment
FA145 (Choir Rehearsal Hall):100 Not multimedia equipped, musician posture chairs, permanent stepped floor, grand piano
Gallery Theatre: 225 Maximum capacity is less with tables and chairs added

Arrangements for the Gallery Theatre:

  • Banquet Style
  • Classroom Style
  • Bleacher seating
  • Theatre/Performance Other

Event Details:

When do you wish to hold this event?
Date: Start Time: End Time:

When do you wish to set up this event?

Date: Start Time: End Time:

Are you planning to host a reception in the Gallery Theatre? (If yes, please ensure you have reserved the Theatre above.)

Are you planning to serve refreshments?
End Time:

Please note any additional information here:

Please be patient while this form is submitting. Do not close the window until you have reached the thank you screen.