Black History Month


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Black History Month

The images below evoke Kansas Black History, and you can find out more about them by investigating the links appearing below the images. By exploring the stories and images related to the links on this page, a visitor can learn why these four images are important in black history. Try to answer the following questions.

[top image] How is this Kansas building important in the civil rights struggle in the United States? Further, what former United States Supreme Court justice built part of his reputation working on the case related to this building?

[bottom left] What black Kansan took this well-known photo, symbolizing a continuing servile role for blacks in the United States, only four years after buying his first camera?

[bottom center] Where is this building located? What does it represent?

[bottom right] Holding a Beecher Bible and the word of God, this zealot helped give Kansas a nickname before the Civil War. What is the nickname? Who is this person?


Kansas History

U.S. History



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