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Employment Opportunities: Administrative, Clerical, Professional

Posting DateJob TitlePosition #xLocationDepartment
2.18.14Custodians (continuous recruitment)STF2471PT (As needed)HutchinsonFacilities
10.6.15Bus Driver(s) - as needed/on-goingSTF2721PTHutchinsonFacilities
5.21.15Counselor - Newton Center STF2937PTNewtonNewton Campus
6.12.15Learning Success CoordinatorADM3023FTHutchinsonRimmer Learning Center
7.6.15Adult Education Instructor, Afternoon (ABE/GED)STF2801PTNewtonAdult Learning Center
7.6.15Adult Education Instructor, Evenings (ABE/GED)STF2801PTNewtonAdult Learning Center
8.5.15Director of Online EducationADM2828FTHutchinsonITDE-Virtual Learning & Insturctional Design
8.14.15Public Services LibrarianSTF3025PTHutchinsonJFK Library
8.7.15Career Development Coordinator, Department V ADM2944 FT HutchinsonDept 5 
8.27.15Instructor/Trainer, Practical Nursing ProgramADM2984FTFort RileyDept 1
9.3.15Hutchinson Main Campus Evening (Online Course) Test ProctorSTF2977PTHutchinsonITDE
9.9.15Business & Industry - Construction Trades TrainerADM2149FTHutchinsonBusiness & Industry
9.14.15Custodian, 2nd ShiftSTF3021FTHutchinsonFacilities
9.14.15Custodian, Variable Hours STF2974 FT HutchinsonFacilities 
9.23.15Custodian, Nighttime/3rd ShiftSTF2689FTHutchinsonFacilities
9.29.15Financial Aid ClerkSTF2944FTHutchinsonFinancial Aid
10.1.05Newton Center Evening, Secretary/ReceptionistSTF3032FTNewtonNewton Center
10.5.15Facilities Office ReceptionistSTF3031    FTHutchinsonFacilities
10.7.15Athletic Secretary,  RE-ISSUESTF3027FTHutchinsonAthletics

Employment Opportunities: Faculty


Posting Date

Job TitlePosition #xLocationDepartment
1.15.15Computer Support Specialist InstructorFAC2922FTHutchinsonDept 2
10.24.14Part-time Instructor, Pharmacy Technician ProgramINS2992PTFort RileyDept 1
5.20.15Instructor/Trainer, Practical Nursing Program  - Fort RileySTF2996PTFort RileyDept 1
6.4.15Instructor Practical Nursing Program - ReissueFAC2783FTMcPhersonDept 1
10.7.15Instructor/Trainer, Associate Degree Nursing Program/Online Bridge ProgramSTF3019PTHutchinsonDept 1
current part-time instructor positions for Fall 2015

--- College Algebra - daytime
 Public Speaking - daytime
--- Speech - daytime
--- Music Appreciation - daytime
--- Nutrition - evening
--- Psychology - daytime
--- Math - daytime & evening
--- Pharmacology - daytime

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